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Welcome to Mike Stern Plumbing, your go-to source for top-notch plumbing services in the vibrant community of Tarzana. As a locally-owned and operated plumbing company, we take great pride in being an integral part of this wonderful neighborhood. At Mike Stern Plumbing, we are not just plumbers; we are your neighbors, committed to providing exceptional service and building lasting relationships.

About Us

At Mike Stern Plumbing, we bring decades of collective experience to the table, making us the leading specialists in all things plumbing. Established in Tarzana, our journey began with a simple mission: to deliver unparalleled plumbing solutions with a personal touch. Over the years, we have become synonymous with reliability, quality, and professionalism.

Mike Stern Plumbing is a family-owned and operated business. We strive to provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all of our customers. We are the best plumbers Tarzana has to offer and our team is made up of skilled and well-trained plumbing specialists with decades of industry experience in the Southern California area. We source our supplies and materials through the best companies across the US, and we are driven by the passion and dedication of helping residents across this region.

Our Commitment to Tarzana

Our commitment to Tarzana goes beyond fixing pipes and unclogging drains. We actively participate in community events, support local charities, and strive to make Tarzana a better place for everyone. When you choose Mike Stern Plumbing, you're not just hiring a plumber; you're supporting a local business invested in the prosperity of Tarzana.

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Plumbing Services Offered

Residential Plumber Services

Your home is your sanctuary, and we understand the importance of keeping it in top condition. From minor leaks to major plumbing overhauls, our residential plumber services cover everything you need to ensure your home's plumbing systems are in optimal condition.

24-Hour Emergency Plumber Services

Plumbing emergencies don't wait for convenient hours. That's why our 24-hour emergency plumber services are available around the clock. Whether it's a burst pipe in the middle of the night or a weekend plumbing crisis, we are just a call away, ready to provide swift and effective solutions.

Bathroom Plumber Services

Transform your bathroom into a haven of comfort with our bathroom plumber services. From installing new fixtures to repairing leaks and addressing drainage issues, we have the expertise to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your bathroom.

Kitchen Plumbing Services

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and a well-functioning plumbing system is crucial for its smooth operation. Our kitchen plumbing services cover everything from installing new appliances to fixing leaks and ensuring your kitchen is always ready for action.

Water Heater Plumber Services

A reliable hot water supply is essential for daily life. Our water heater plumber services ensure that your water heater operates efficiently, providing you with the comfort of hot water whenever you need it.

Drain and Sewer Plumber Services

Clogged drains and sewer issues can disrupt your daily routine. Our drain and sewer plumber services employ advanced techniques to identify and resolve these issues, ensuring the seamless flow of water in your home.

Home Water Filtration System Installation Services

Clean and safe water is a fundamental need. Our home water filtration system installation services help you safeguard your family's health by installing state-of-the-art filtration systems, removing impurities and contaminants from your water supply.

Gas Leak Plumber Services

Gas leaks are not only a safety hazard but also pose a threat to the environment. Our gas leak plumber services prioritize safety, providing prompt detection and repair to ensure your home is free from gas-related risks.

Commercial Plumber Services

Businesses in Tarzana rely on efficient plumbing systems. Our commercial plumber services cater to the unique needs of businesses, offering preventive maintenance, repairs, and installations to keep your commercial space running smoothly.

Local Expertise: Being a part of the Tarzana community, we understand the unique plumbing challenges our neighbors face. Our local expertise allows us to provide tailored solutions for your specific needs.

Reliability: When you choose Mike Stern Plumbing, you can count on us to deliver reliable and long-lasting solutions. Our team of skilled plumbers is dedicated to getting the job done right the first time.

Customer-Centric Approach: Your satisfaction is our priority. We pride ourselves on our customer-centric approach, ensuring open communication, transparency, and a positive experience from start to finish.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Embracing the latest advancements in plumbing technology, we equip our team with state-of-the-art tools and techniques to provide efficient and effective solutions.

Local Expertise

We understand the unique characteristics of Tarzana and its plumbing needs. Whether it's addressing specific issues related to the local water supply or adapting to the architectural nuances of the neighborhood, our local references guide our approach to delivering unmatched plumbing services.


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