Mike Stern has been certified as Master Plumber which means that any time a resident in Sylmar needs plumbing work done, Mike Stern’s crew of experts are ready for the call and are the Sylmar plumbers residents trust and that they prefer to call any time something needs to be fixed.  Residents contact the Mike Stern Service Company because Mike’s plumbers are the best and have the most experience to get the job done fast and correctly.

The qualified plumbers at the Mike Stern Service Company can assist residents whenever any problem arises anytime of the day or night with any Sylmar plumber problem.  This means they can fix plumbing problems whenever it’s needed all year long, even holidays and weekends.  Whenever a Sylmar plumber is needed, day or night, it’s the certified and guaranteed pipe repair experts that Mike Stern, personally guarantees that Sylmar home owners call to get the job done.

Whenever Sylmar needs new pipes they call the plumber Sylmar trusts and relies on at the Mike Stern Service Company.  Mike Stern can perform a large number of Sylmar plumbing services, from simple maintenance to repairing broken pipes and new pipe installations residents know that the service Mike Stern does for Sylmar is quality.  Sylmar knows that the repairs Mike Stern performs are certified, guaranteed and done right, or Mike Stern will make sure it gets fixed for free.

Mike Stern’s plumbers are ready 24-hours a day and 7-days a week any time a Sylmar home owner needs pipe repairs and residents know that a broken pipe can damage a home beyond repair, if they don’t  get it fixed fast.  That’s why residents need repairs done fast.  Sylmar knows to call the Mike Stern Service Company  any time Sylmar plumbing emergencies occur because Mike Stern is the plumber Sylmar relies on to take care of their home plumbing repair needs.

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