Spring Cleaning to Maintain a Perfect Air Conditioning System


Spring is here and in Los Angeles that means we must brace ourselves for warmer temperatures, more smog, and worst of all allergies. For the safety of your household and business it makes sense to get a leg up on spring cleaning and schedule air conditioning repair appointments. At Mike Stern Plumbing, we know how important it is to maintain fresh and quality air throughout the year, so why not take advantage now to replace air filters, repair air ducts and heating systems? Air conditioning and heating services in Los Angeles are available, so here is what you have to benefit from Mike Stern Plumbing annual air conditioning maintenance.

Your air conditioner system has been resting all winter long and has gathered more than a few dust mites, so you will most likely need to give your system a boost with an annual tune-up before summer. Our plumbing contractors are EPA registered and certified technicians who will inspect and repair any problems that have developed since your last use. We perform a variety of inspections, troubleshooting and diagnosis for your air conditioning system that is perfected to keep your home’s air quality running smoothly all year long.

Avoid Summer Mishaps

The best way to avoid the dreaded air conditioner breakdown on a hot summer day is to schedule an air conditioner maintenance tune-up in spring. Taking action to repair your roof top units, central air conditioning and air humidifiers now is the best way to be reduce your chances of a mid-summer breakdown.

Enhance Energy Efficiency

Since your air conditioner has taken a hiatus, there are bound to be a few hiccups that have developed since its last use. An air conditioner that goes without regular maintenance will drain more power from the home in order to maintain high level performance during the dog days of summer. If you plan ahead with an annual tune-up now you will definitely see the difference in your electrical bills. We replace dirt and dust clogs around the home that blocks cool air circulation, which is proven to prevent wasting energy. According to Energy Star, dirty air filters that are not cleaned or replaced have the likelihood of pressuring your system to work harder. A clean air filter will prevent dust and dirt from building in the air conditioner as well as avoiding costly repairs and replacements.

Extend System Lifespan

On top of all the inspections and repairs from your annual maintenance, the life of your air conditioner system will thrive much longer than anticipated. Certainly it is our goal to be sure you get the best quality air not just for the summer, but for years to come.

If you would like to know more about our annual air conditioning repair and maintenance services, or if you want to have your own air conditioning system installed, contact our plumbing contractor at Mike Stern Plumbing. Schedule your air conditioning repair and installation services today.

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