I just had Sam out to my home, and I have to say what a wonderful job he did on my tankless water heater. I just installed this tankless unit 2 years ago, and it never really worked well, the contractor who installed the unit said that there was no problem and that was how the unit operates. After various attempts from him, I just decided to live with it, I was getting hot water everywhere but the...

Walter P.-Bel Air

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North Hollywood Tankless

If you find yourself looking for tankless North Hollywood water heaters so you can do your part for the environment and conserve a few bucks, we are the Mike Stern Service Company and we will ensure you get just what you will want. Portion of our full service plumbing and repairs department is about a selection of North Hollywood tankless water heaters. Root and drain cleaning in addition to heating and air conditioning are some other areas of the services you can expect.

It really is essential to have a master North Hollywood plumber working for you and that is precisely what Mike Stern is. In business since 1979, we employ a crew of authorities all the way from the office staff members that are courteous, pleasant and knowledgeable, through the installers and repair techs, even the service director. We are all dedicated to getting the finest plumbing services possible, and 1 of the best water heater replacement and installation sections found anywhere in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles and Ventura county areas is right here.

Reduced Rust and Corrosion Threat

It is necessary for our consumers to grasp a tankless water heater supplies an endless flow of hot water to all the appliances and faucets in your residence. They supply the requirement right away and therefore do not require any sort of tank or holding vessel. Therefore when you select a tankless North Hollywood water heater from us, the chance of any type of automobile accident or rust or corrosion is lowered. Do not forget- North Hollywood tankless sales and installation is merely one of many different services we offer at Mike Stern Service Company.

We have a plumbing department that fits every need and the rooter and drain cleaning system we use is among the most effective and cost effective within the plumbing sector. While a number of companies use a snake system to clean your sewer lines and drains, we’ve elected for our hydro-jetting system that utilizes water to do a more in depth job. Our commitment to superiority and sales and service does not stop there either.

One Stop Shop For Plumbing Needs

We need to become your one-stop shop regarding all your plumbing as well as heating and air-conditioning needs, and so we have got a full service department with regards to keeping your home either hot or cool as the situation dictates. When you check out our online site, you will observe several of the top names we’ve affiliated ourselves with including General Electric as well as Lennox. We also service all manner of air conditioners with our Twenty-four hour, 7 day a week emergency service. This service consists of handling of air conditioners and air cleaners as well as heating systems, heaters and heat pumps to name just a couple.

Our first-rate personnel can tackle all your demands. Here at the Mike Stern Service Company we understand working with a team of specialists working with your North Hollywood plumbing demands is part of what you require and demand. As a result it doesn’t matter regardless of whether you need a tankless North Hollywood unit and even something to do with heating and air conditioning, we have a team of specialists whom are merely more than happy to help you with all of your requirements.

Our office staff is professional and they ensure everything from the figures we discuss to the orders you place, as well as any questions you have, are handled in a professional and respectful fashion. Our installers at the Mike Stern Service Company are dedicated to making sure the products and services you order are handled expertly, and our service techs are highly trained people who are there to see to your needs. Lastly, our general manager and field supervisor overseeing the operations ensure complete customer satisfaction.

The objective here at Mike Stern Service Company is to make sure the pride we feel being a family run business is transferred into the products and services we supply to our clients. We’ve built our business on customer satisfaction since 1979 and all of our technicians have a minimum of 14 years experience on the job. To prove our commitment to customer service, we have a risk-free guarantee. If we can not solve your problem at a price acceptable to your budget, we won’t charge for the job. Call or contact us online today.