I just had Sam out to my home, and I have to say what a wonderful job he did on my tankless water heater. I just installed this tankless unit 2 years ago, and it never really worked well, the contractor who installed the unit said that there was no problem and that was how the unit operates. After various attempts from him, I just decided to live with it, I was getting hot water everywhere but the...

Walter P.-Bel Air

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North Hollywood Sewer Cleaning

There’s an old saying regarding shutting the barn door after the horse is gone. At the Mike Stern Service Company, all of us think that is true for the plumbing in your own home plus the proactive approach we offer to head off any issues before they get out of control.

That’s why in addition to our top-notch supply of plumbing services, we provide a unique Sewer cleaning North Hollywood department which is designed to keep things running at peak proficiency. Taking advantage of our North Hollywood Sewer cleaning services will save you money by stopping the sort of clogging that will wind up costing 1000’s to fix. We make use of 1 of the very most progressive techniques in hydro jetting so the situation gets solved right to begin with.

That is only one of many solutions we offer since we are intent on supplying you with an entire plumbing service. Of course, it is crucial for you to meet the team and our professional plumbing professionals who are both licensed as well as bonded to ensure complete customer satisfaction. For all of your plumbing, rooter, heating and air conditioning needs, we’ve come up with a team of installers, service technicians, and managers we really feel are the best in the industry.

Sewer cleaning North Hollywood is just one of the items we offer

We all understand having a clean sewer is a prerequisite to having plumbing at your residence, but we’re also prepared to manage all of your other needs due to the fact we want to be your one-stop shop regarding plumbing in the North Hollywood area. To that end, we often take care of other problems our clientele base has such as various issues that crop up with the slabs their home rests on.

A number of the conditions that could potentially cause issues with these slabs consist of kinked pipes and inappropriate installation, and some of the symptoms you may discover include high water bills along with the sound of running water when it’s not in use. In both instances, it is a good idea to supplement any of the North Hollywood Sewer cleaning services you are already using with us by having our video inspection team take a good look at the slabs underneath your home.

Mike Stern Service Company Testimonials

We also comprehend one of the other things you look for in any plumbing repair or installation company is credibility. We have been in operation since 1979 and in that time we have been able to build a list of satisfied clients, some of which were only too pleased to put testimonials on our site. It is a great pat on the back to us and a great way for you to examine the type of sales and service you can expect once you entrust us to look after your entire plumbing needs.

One of many other things we feel differentiates us from the competition here at the Mike Stern Service Company is the quality we offer our customers on a constant basis. For instance, we are always presenting new specials because we’re confident once you try our company once, you will return time and again for everything from Sewer cleaning North Hollywood to simple toilet repairs.

We understand people looking for plumbing repairs and installations want to be sure they have a complete package that involves the very best in sales and service as well as the most knowledgeable and friendly staff. Remember, we have a 24-hour, seven day a week emergency service which means you never need to feel you’re out of touch with the help you need night or day. We’re the Mike Stern Service Company and we are only a phone call or mouse click away. It’s also important to take into consideration our risk-free guarantee is 1 of the best in the business because if we can not find a solution to your problem at a cost to fit your budget, we won’t charge you.