I just had Sam out to my home, and I have to say what a wonderful job he did on my tankless water heater. I just installed this tankless unit 2 years ago, and it never really worked well, the contractor who installed the unit said that there was no problem and that was how the unit operates. After various attempts from him, I just decided to live with it, I was getting hot water everywhere but the...

Walter P.-Bel Air

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Hollywood Rooter

At Mike Stern Service Company, we’ve got a complete package of everything you’ll need for all of your plumbing related needs in La including rooter Hollywood services we’re confident you will be happy with. We have an additional advantage on competitors relating to the Hollywood rooter techniques we use.

While some other companies have their individual strategies, we work with a established method to get the job done correctly the first time. Hydro jetting is the process we use and it removes accumulated waste by using the force of high pressure water. It’s much better than applying a more standard snake because doing so gets to the amassed scum attached to the sides of the piping. Whenever you are on the lookout for the detailed rooter Hollywood system that gets the job done correctly initially, we’re the pros you will need right here at Mike Stern Service Company.

Rooter Hollywood isn’t everything that we do

As our highly valued customers, we all know you expect not just a rooter service from a extensive plumbing professional that’s been in operation since 1979 and it’s really that kind of flexibility we deliver. We provide a full water and gas leak service that goes in conjunction with our additional services and we’re available twenty-four hours a day, 7 days per week to deal with any issues you may have. Although there are lots of people who are worried about the cosmetics with their plumbing and we agree the mechanisms that bring water back and forth to your house should look very good as well as be efficient, our water and gas leak service can often locate tiny problems hiding behind the wall surfaces before they become large expenses that may deplete your bank account.

Absolutely no Job Too Big Or Small

Since we have been in operation for so long, we’ve mastered to be versatile and that signifies no job is too big or little for our skilled staff to undertake. Only at Mike Stern Service Company, we provide flexibility that also includes the capability to take care of any kind of concerns you could have with your main sewer line. Quite often, this specific part of your plumbing system that gets rid of waste materials from your residence becomes clogged or otherwise compromised by something as simple as a tree root seeking out moisture.

Our hydro-jetting technique is quite often just the thing that will clean out your main sewer line. However, should the problem continue, our helpful and well-informed specialists will also be able to utilize our video inspection capabilities to have a look at the locations that would otherwise be off-limits to seeing.

Our Staff Means Business

We’re so excited to get the word out about everything we can do here at Mike Stern Service Company, we’ve come up with an expert staff to guide you through any of the plumbing related processes you need done. Our office staff are typically the front-line people who deal with our clients first and their expertise in dispatch and bookkeeping, as well as office managing, make sure you’ll get off to the right start. Next comes our professional installers and repair technicians who have the experience we require so you’ll become another addition to our long list of satisfied clients. The general manager and field supervisor make certain everything runs smoothly whether you’re looking for a rooter Hollywood job or perhaps something connected with heating and air conditioning.