I just had Sam out to my home, and I have to say what a wonderful job he did on my tankless water heater. I just installed this tankless unit 2 years ago, and it never really worked well, the contractor who installed the unit said that there was no problem and that was how the unit operates. After various attempts from him, I just decided to live with it, I was getting hot water everywhere but the...

Walter P.-Bel Air

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You realize you’re working with a confident Hollywood plumber company when specials and even guarantees are presented on the web site, but that’s simply our method of stating thank you to all the extraordinary men and women that have kept us all in business since nineteen seventy nine here at The Mike Stern Service Company.

All of us realize you want to have trust in our talents and that’s the reason our rooter and drain cleaning services can be obtained 24 hours a day. All of us have an understanding of plumbing complications don’t work on a schedule and hence neither do we. Our latest High Pressure Hydro Jetting technology is state of the art, and that we pride ourselves on a total package with experience in main sewer lines, bath tub drains and every thing in between.

If you need completely new air conditioning and heating systems around Ventura County, Los Angeles or even San Fernando Valley areas, we’ve got you covered here too. Check out the list of top names manufacturers we deal with including Trane and Westinghouse and the different services we offer and you’ll see why we’re the clear choice.

Of course we take great pride in our full service plumbing and repairs department as well. Everything from looking after water and gas leaks to earthquake valve installations all the way down to simple faucet installations are part of what we do and this complete and thorough part of the service should come as no surprise since Mike Stern is an accomplished Master Plumber.

When you’re looking for complete Hollywood plumber services covering Sherman Oaks, Reseda and a host of other places, we’ve got you covered here at The Mike Stern Service Company. Call or fill out the handy form provided to get in touch today.

The plumber Hollywood calls whenever plumbing needs to be repaired or they need to have annual plumbing maintenance is the Mike Stern Service Company.  That’s because Mike Stern ensures that he hires only the best Hollywood plumber specialists that are ready to do the job and get the repairs done immediately, any time of the time of day or night that someone in Hollywood calls, needs a plumber or wants their pipes fixed

Mike Stern has the certified Hollywood plumber specialists, which is why they have become the most contacted plumber Hollywood home owners turn to whenever they need to be fixed.  That means if a pipe breaks in the middle of the night then the Hollywood home owners come to the plumbers at Mike Stern Service Company.  Mike Stern promises that he has the Hollywood plumber ready any time of the day or night, 24-hours a day, whenever someone in Hollywood needs to call them and get service done.

Keeping your plumbing working right is essential.  That’s why whenever someone in Hollywood needs a plumber Hollywood he calls the Mike Stern Service Company.  Home owners in Hollywood understand that when they call the Mike Stern Service Company that the work they do will be certified and done right that night.  Mike Stern certifies that the Hollywood plumber he sends to a home on a service call will have all of the required parts they need to make the repairs immediately.  And that the repairs made by the Hollywood plumber at Mike Stern Service Company will be certified so that if something breaks after the plumber leaves, it will be repaired again for free.

Mike Stern is the plumber Hollywood reaches out to for all of their emergency plumbing repairs. If a pipe needs to be repaired in the middle of the night and floods a basement or lower floor of a house that home’s owners in Hollywood, or anywhere else, want that burst pipe to be repaired right away.  They know that they can call the Mike Stern Service Company because they know Mike Stern will have the Hollywood plumber ready to fix their problem, no matter what it is.

Mike Stern does more than just make emergency calls.  Since it is important, as a house owner, to keep your pipes and sewers clean, they are the residence of the $49 sewer system cleaning service.  This means that home owners of Hollywood can call the Hollywood plumber at Mike Stern Service Company to do guaranteed annual service on their sewer line and throughout their residence to ensure that their plumbing never breaks down on them.  That’s good for the residences and good for keeping the value of a Hollywood home.

If you need a Hollywood plumber to repair your home’s pipes, clean your sewers and pipes or perform yearly maintenance on your home, then you need to contact the plumber Hollywood has come to trust, the Mike Stern Service Company.  Mike Stern has the Hollywood plumber ready any time of the day or night to respond to your call.