Detecting Hidden Water and Gas Leaks around Your Home

water leak

Being a homeowner is a challenging task. There are hundreds of household chores, maintenance and cleaning to go around, and as you prepare your home for summer there are plenty of things to inspect and double check on. But, before you go on to repair water and gas leaks around your home in Woodland Hills, it is extremely important to count on the experienced hands of a plumbing contractor to keep your home in the best shape possible.

A plumbing contractor is capable of more than unclogging your toilet or clearing out your shower drain. Our plumbing contractors are experienced in copper re-piping, slab leaks, water heater repairs, garbage disposal repairs and much more. Around this time of year we find it quite common to repair and accept a number of water and gas leaks throughout Southern California. Some first-time homeowners are still unaware about how to detect water and gas leaks, so we will provide some helpful tips to locate signs of leaks before serious repairs are due.

Gas Leak Inspection

Gas leaks are the most serious of all in your home plumbing system. Gas leaks are dangerous since they are silent in nature and the primary purpose why you need to inspect for gas leaks is for the safety of all those in your household. Gas leaks increase the risk of extreme fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. If your gas is leaking and it goes unnoticed, the gas can create a gas pocket and under certain circumstances it can ignite and explode causing destruction of property and injury if people are present.

There are three ways to detect a gas leaks indoors, the first is by sight. This is the most challenging test, but it is possible to see a gas leak near a water base. You will be able to see gas bubbling in still water. The second indicator is through sound, if the room or exterior around the gas pipe is quiet enough you will be able to hear a slight hissing sound vacating the appliance or pipe. The last sign is the most obvious and that is through smell. Since gas is naturally odorless, gas companies add the rotten egg-like odor for safety measures in case your piping system is damaged or leaking. If any of these signs are recognized, the first thing to do is turn off the electrical breakers controlling the home’s electricity to avoid any electrical damage or fires. Then once you have determined that it is indeed a gas leak, contact one of our plumbing contractors.

Water Leaks

A water leak is either simple or extremely difficult to find. You will notice them when faucets are releasing water through constant flow or on-and-off drips. But, if your water pipes are inside the walls or underground then it may be challenging to find until your kitchen tiles develop water spots or leak water from the walls. For the cases that are difficult to see, a plumbing contractor has the tools and experience to detect unwanted water leaks. Our professionals utilize water leak detection devices such as pressure sensors to spot areas behind walls, tile, or concrete slabs that are releasing water.

Failing to pay attention to water and gas leaks in the home can be quite dangerous to the building’s foundation as well as its residents. According to the American Lung Association, standing water that remains from any flood is a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and mold, which can put people at risk for lung disease if inhaled constantly. In addition the time spent in large group housing may increase the risk of spreading infectious diseases, such as influenza, pneumonia and tuberculosis.

It may not be simple to detect all water and gas leaks, especially if you are new to the home or property, so we suggest that you contact one of our trusted plumbing contractors to do a complete inspection for gas and water leaks. We proudly serve the Woodland Hills community and Southern California residents. Count on Mike Stern Service Company  24 hours a day for any and all plumbing issues your home may encounter before or during summer.  

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