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Woodland Hills Rooter Services Repair Your Sewer Lines without Busting Your Wallet

No homeowner is thrilled to take on the responsibility of maintaining a fully operative plumbing system. Sure we may believe in the idea that the local utility company is responsible for the entire waste disposal that leaves our houses, but … Continue reading

Clogs Are More Likely to Develop Following Your Turkey Day

Before you check to see if your toilet can flush, take a look at all the plumbing issues that can develop around your household. Your garbage disposal, kitchen sink, dishwasher and bathrooms all have the same chances of causing a … Continue reading

Rooter Services

Mike Stern provides full service rooter and drain cleaning services High pressure Hydro Jetting Unlike snaking & rooting, hydro jetting uses high water pressure to clean pipes removing all build up that has accumulated inside the pipeline. To prevent your … Continue reading

Time For a Drain Cleaning

For the person who is in charge of the household chores, there is nothing more frustrating or annoying than dealing with persistent drain clogging. If you live in a home where it seems like the drain clogs on a regular … Continue reading

Why Drains Start to Smell Bad

Every person who has owned a home, or rented an apartment, has dealt with a strange mystery. The arrive home, after a long day of working, to discover that they have some sort of strange smell in their home. Their … Continue reading

Clogged Drains No More

There are few things more annoying than having to deal with a clogged drain, and it’s one of the number one reasons why people look up numbers for a plumber. Tarzana homeowners do not tend to realize that there are … Continue reading

Dealing with Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are likely the number one reason why someone contacts a Beverly Hills plumber. Dealing with a clogged drain seems like it is something that should be easy, but more often than you may believe a homeowner believe they … Continue reading

West Los Angeles Drain Cleaning

When you’re looking for west los angeles drain cleaning, you need to be sure that the firm you’re looking at has all the necessary credentials. Whether you need rooter and drain cleaning or full service plumbing repairs, the Mike Stern … Continue reading

Looking for Sewer repair Los Angeles

Looking for Sewer repair Los Angeles? Then we are the first and last place you need to search. Here at Mike Stern Service Company, we’ve got the corner market on a variety of plumbing needs including Los Angeles Sewer repair. … Continue reading

Complete Pasadena Drain Cleaning Here

We know here at the Mike Stern Service Company that you need to be sure our services are complete and our team is top notch. It doesn’t matter to us whether you’re looking for pasadena drain cleaning or something to … Continue reading