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Combating a High Water Bill

How many bills do you pay on a monthly basis? If you’re like the average person you pay a number of them, including mortgage or rent, electricity, cable, credit card bills, and water bills. Water bills are often the most … Continue reading

Why Drains Start to Smell Bad

Every person who has owned a home, or rented an apartment, has dealt with a strange mystery. The arrive home, after a long day of working, to discover that they have some sort of strange smell in their home. Their … Continue reading

The Quality Of Your Water

Being able to have access to water is always a good thing, but how often do you stop to think about the quality of your household water? We all know that treatment plants filter and chemically treat the water in … Continue reading

Clogged Drains No More

There are few things more annoying than having to deal with a clogged drain, and it’s one of the number one reasons why people look up numbers for a plumber. Tarzana homeowners do not tend to realize that there are … Continue reading

Garbage Disposal Repair in Woodland Hills

Having a garbage disposal used to be a luxury, now it tends to be something that most people have in their homes. If you have a garbage disposal you may have had to contact your Studio City plumber to help … Continue reading

Plumbing Tips to Keep Your Pipes Healthy

No one likes dealing with plumbing emergencies, but what you may not know is that there are a number of things that you can do in order to help you make fewer calls to your Santa Monica plumber. Here are … Continue reading

Going Green with Plumbing Help

More and more we’re hearing about people, and businesses, who are “going green”. If you haven’t heard of the phrase before, it basically means doing things that are going to help the environment rather than harm it. For instance a … Continue reading

Repair or Replace

We all like to think that our appliances are going to work for forever, but that isn’t the case. The older generation likes to talk about the “old days” and to remark upon how things always worked for a very … Continue reading

A Plumber and Your Home Inspection

Purchasing a home is a huge deal – just as big a deal as selling a home. When you purchase a home, or sell a home, you want to make sure that you’re doing it right the first time. You … Continue reading

Remodeling Your Bathroom

The moment you purchase a new home you are likely thinking the same thing that all new homeowners are thinking: I’ve got to make some changes. One of the most enjoyable parts about owning a home is the simple fact … Continue reading